Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

Inside you will find a wide range of projects that highlight my past projects, skills, and interests.

I am experimental; some projects can be considered Art, and others, Design—my explorations rely on the overlap between the two.

Approached with minimalism, communication by way of the continuous process of reduction—conveying meaning through a simplistic essence, I look to challenge conventions of understanding how visual communications are understood through interaction.

You can call me MARK WHY, or Mark Yappueying for short.

CONTEMPORARY ART TOLEDO — Brand Identity, Graphic Design, 2017–present

RIVER HOUSE ARTS — Brand Identity, Exhibition Graphic Design, 2015

CANIS MAJOR — Brand Identity, Graphic Design, 2017​​​​​​​
ERIC ZEIGLER — Brand Identity, Graphic Design, 2016/2017
AVALON — Signage/Print Design, 2017
University of Toledo: Center for the Visual Arts (Various Projects) — Brand Identity, Signage, Print Design, 2016/2017
Book Designs  2015–2016
Album Art  2015–2016
Apparel Design  2016
Social Media  Layout/Design
Motion Graphics
Illustration/3D  3D Modeling, 3D Scanning, Virtual Reality
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