1KUB series by WHY/CO, 2017
WHY/CO is a collaboration between Colleen O’Connor & Mark Why. WHY/CO focuses on the exploration of materials for products that converge at the intersection of art and design. 

The 1KUB series explores the dialogue between common building materials and light. Molds that were once used to manufacture heavy machinery are taken and converted into vessels for shaping glass. By utilizing the glass blow-mold process, the natural and subtle movements of the perceivably solid, static material are revealed and seemingly softened by the weight of the concrete. The amorphous-solid glass plays with the obstinate nature of concrete to produce an architecturally inspired work that is evolutionary in form.
Handblown and casted
Concrete, Glass
approx. 16 x 5 x 12" 
approx. 50 lbs
For inquiries email: whyco.studio@gmail.com | Custom orders welcome
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